Our Next neighborhood Event!




TUESDAY, April 23rd, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.




Attendance is not required, however, we encourage your attendance and participation. Items on the agenda include, but not limited to:

-Election of the Board of Director positions.

-Review of the operating budget & balance sheet.

-Review of Accomplishments & Future Projects.

-Open discussion & comments by residents

Operating Budget & Balance sheet available at the annual meeting.

Residents in good standing as of the meeting date are eligible to serve on the Board. Residents interested in being on the 2019-20 Board can contact Full Circle Property Management by email or mail at the contact information below. Deadline to submit names for Board of Director positions is April 19th to Full Circle Property Management. Nominations will be taken from the floor during the annual meeting. 

The seated board of directors will appoint officer positions for 2019-20 for a 1-year term. 

Full Circle Property Management

1695 Old Henderson Road

Columbus, Ohio 43220


Email: tkollai@fullcirclemanager.com

Upcoming events

April 23 - Annual HOA Meeting

May 11 &12 - Neighborhood Clean Up Weekend

August 18 - Party by the Pond

About Us

Mission Statement and Commitment to the Residents and Members.

Wedgewood Section 11 is also known as Wedgewood and is located in Liberty Township, Delaware County, Ohio. Wedgewood Section 12 is also known as Wedgewood Glen and is situated in the City of Dublin, Franklin County, Ohio.

Comprised of Wedgewood and Wedgewood Glen developments, Wedgewood Sections 11 and 12 Homeowners Association is a collection of residents that can celebrate the diversity of different neighborhoods, counties, cities, townships, and school districts.  The Board of Directors elected to serve have each individually and collectively expressed the desire to make home ownership in our community the best experience possible. Our goals include:

· To promote a high quality of life and to protect property values through the prudent use of resources, for the benefit of all who live, visit, or work in our community.
· To consistently support existing by-laws and to help implement revisions in areas where they are flawed, ineffective, or non-existent.
· To be fiscally responsible with the dues entrusted to us by the Home Owners and to seek continuous improvements in financial oversight, budgeting, and spending of our funds dedicated to the operations of the common properties.
· To support general community interests such as issues with the county or city, efforts designed to increase safety to individuals and protection of property, and other long term goals.
· To act as a liaison to the developers and management companies in all matters beneficial to the community and its members.
· To reserve the right to challenge actions that are deemed not to be in the best interests of the majority and to work for change where change is needed.
· To bring dutiful resolution to concerns, disagreements, and recommendations brought before the Board.